[FTP upload] Leapftp article

Leapftp is a commonly used upload tool software. She and CuteFTP as easy to use, powerful, comparable to Bullet Proof FTP FTP software. With Netscape similar bookmark form, the connection is more convenient. Download and upload files to support http. Can download or upload the entire directory, you can also delete the entire directory. You can make different compiled file directory order a download or upload the same platform. When you browse a web page, click the right mouse button to select a shortcut to copy the file link. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model can not be kicked out of the platform because of being idle for a long time. Direct editing of files on remote Server. File transfer can be set up automatically interrupt Modem connection.

teach you how to use the following:

1, her interface and CuteFTP very similar. Divided into two parts. We will introduce:
1.1 on the left side of the client, the display is to upload files on the local computer. (Figure 1)

fill in your domain name in FTP server.

1.2 on the right side of the server, showing that the file has been uploaded. (Figure 2)

fill in the user and pass can click on the button (Figure 3) to connect to the server.

(Figure 3)

note: after the entry of the WIN2000 user directly uploaded to the root directory.
db and temp for the system automatically generated two directories, may be used when you write the program, please do not delete.

2, set folder permissions

can be seen in the folder permissions settings. In front of the Read tick, that can be read, in front of the Write tick, that can be written in front of Execcute tick. Express executable. You can change the permissions in front of the hook. You can also click on the Chmod, directly enter the digital change permissions.

in accordance with the above settings can be used to upload files Leapftp.

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