Jingdong involved in B2B want to grab the job of Alibaba

Zhao Nan

has been modeled on Amazon’s Jingdong, but also what new tricks it?

recently, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong at the Tsinghua University School of economics to do a speech revealed that Jingdong will be involved in the B2B business, but the premise is to enter the B end of the business is for the purpose of end consumer business.

since its establishment 9 years, Jingdong mall has been based on B2C business. 2010, Jingdong began to get involved in POP business platform based on B2C services. Open platform business model is the introduction of third party merchants to sell their platform, namely B2B2C.

and B2C and B2B2C is different, Jingdong B2B business transactions between the third party vendors on the platform, and the platform side only from the transaction commission.

in the country, after the Alibaba B2B website and Dunhuang network that is B2B business model. But the difference is that Alibaba B2B business platform for third party merchants charge fees, while the Dunhuang network is based on the success of the transaction between the platform to extract the cost of business.

Jingdong involved in the B2B business, may be for the sake of strengthening their own platform and supplier relationships." Tencent electricity supplier strategic analysis department Li Chengdong said.

at present, Jingdong has not yet disclosed specific areas of Jingdong engaged in B2B business. However, according to the first financial daily learned from Jingdong, Jingdong’s B2B business model will be considered in the early success of the transaction into the form of. This business model is more expensive than Ali B2B platform settled fee model for the platform business.

in fact, Jingdong has been engaged in the supply chain finance business is a field of application of B2B model. According to the newspaper previously reported that the Jingdong of supply chain finance including financing and investment services platform for suppliers in the financing, the Jingdong play between the supplier and the bank credit funds and the role, issued by the bank to complete.

, according to the reporter was informed that the news, in addition to finance, Jingdong’s B2B business will be mainly in the department stores, clothing, light industry and other foreign trade field.

April 2012, Amazon also opened a B2B platform, mainly to provide industrial raw materials, machinery parts and hardware and other transactions. Amazon has been regarded as the industry’s imitation of Jingdong.

Li Chengdong believes that the Jingdong with a strong platform, Jingdong need to resolve three relations, one is relation between Jingdong and users; two is the relation between Jingdong and suppliers; three is the relationship between the supplier and the supplier on the platform.

in the relation between Jingdong and users, mainly for the category of the rich, logistics experience, and low price guarantee; in the relation between Jingdong and suppliers, mainly for suppliers of Jingdong’s dependence, trust, and service of Jingdong to suppliers; and in order to revitalize the whole.

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