What is worth buying VS love figure purchase left is conservative right radical

when what is worth buying in mid 2014 hasty revision, immediately attracted questioned some loyal users, which makes the Sui Guodong and his team faced considerable pressure, after a long time in the busy one follow up and solve the problem.

at the same time, the "love figure purchase" in order to meet the major brands more comprehensive communication needs, to launch its own social image by "in", and get a A round of millions of dollars in financing in August, momentary limelight without the two.

an interesting detail is that in the love of the site, there is a "buy" channel: for users to select the most cost-effective products, direct purchase of the page.

belong to the contents of the shopping guide website, what is worth buying and love to buy the picture seems to be a group of mirrors: male vs women, the depth of the content of a figure vs wins thousands of words, UGC vs PGC, CPS revenue vs brand cooperation…… What is the choice of the conservative route to the left, or to the right of the radical route to the content of the community shopping guide, this is a result of uncertain choice.

shopping community evolution

was founded in 2010, what is worth buying is a typical UGC community, it is the first Hi-pda forum trading version, the first batch of users is a group of forums concerned about electronic products, users are willing to share the exchange.

Sui Guodong in his own, creating a website, if not do promotion, what is worth buying or rely on a large number of users broke the news and editorial team selection, quickly become many shopping guide website in a "exotic": in the beginning, here to male users for the absolute main, but until now, the proportion of female users has increased, but here is the male users are not keen to exchange experience shopping treasure.

over the past five years, what is worth buying from personal blog into a comprehensive shopping guide website. At the beginning, the content of the site was written by the founder and CEO Sui Guodong, after adding a small number of user contributed content, and ultimately release the user delivery.

in the beginning, the delivery of content using QQ group to complete, when open to fifteenth QQ group, the amount of information explosion that Sui Guodong finally decided — to the website with a delivery system to deal with the user, broke the commodity information.

the decision soon proved the necessity, because in the "double 11" this time, what is worth buying from the users broke the news than would turn at least three times, the number of editing and processing of such information is impossible and information delivery synchronous growth.

What is worth buying

in 2013, launched the "discovery channel, some users broke the news was presented directly, which not only makes this part of the information is not wasted, and let those people think the main website content is not abundant enough users have more things to see.

2014, "sun" and "experience" on the line, they quickly get the user’s identity, every day super

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