do stand do not rely on advertising to make money

want to do a webmaster for a long time, before also often on the web site, such as webmaster, but not the idea into reality impulse. It is difficult to rely on advertising to make money, but to know to rely on advertising to make money flow, but how to improve website traffic, attract users? Of course it depends on high quality content, but a person’s strength is limited, how can Everfount released a lot of high quality content that is not possible?.

of course, want to relax is to collect the content, but the quality is not high, but well done can also attract search engines, and thus bring users. I despise before acquisition, think it is boring, is manufacturing waste, their writing ability is poor, so had no content and couldn’t do stand ideas into reality.

until recently, came into contact with some friends in the advertising company, to understand advertising allows the site to earn a little money, I was attracted, do not rely on advertising to make money, do not need to waste. So I started my road to the webmaster……

began to do the webmaster is not so easy, first of all, to establish a website, in the process, to integrate into the SEO thought, to establish a good web site search engine more friendly, more easily included. Of course, before I do not understand SEO, after a period of learning, initially mastered some of the knowledge, want to learn a friend I recommend to see Zac blog, there are a lot of very pertinent suggestions.

In addition to

website, spatial selection is more important, check your assignment to IP how many stations, they have not been punished, will affect your website, which we all know, I did not hesitate to choose to buy IP.

I said before it is very despised collection, but there is no way to properly collect some of the rich content of the site is very important. But my life is very kind, the content of the collection are marked source sites, such as non mainstream I ( basically are collected, each article is referenced.

my first website finally on the line, the name of "non mainstream pictures" non mainstream pictures published recently, many of the original Oh, the worst I think can make you satisfied, can see inside ah, you can join the


although the station is ready, on the line, the basic SEO is also done, content is rich, but how fast search engines? Here’s what I practice is to learn, say the wrong place please exhibitions:

first thing is to submit to the major search engine URL;

two submitted to the YAHOO directory, but this is not so fast, artificial audit to 1 ~ 2 weeks, do not expect, if you can be included, the effect is good. Listen to SEO people say;

three to the well-known blog network to build their own blog, published some articles;


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