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to do marketing, we are very concerned about the news source, the news source of what is going on? Why is it so important? It can bring what kind of marketing value for enterprises today? Pony know the way of network marketing consultancy to share these problems, see today’s topic – news source of the past and present".

news source

when the rapid popularization of the network, the emergence of a huge amount of network information, the importance of the search engine will subsequently appear, the news source is the search engine. Search engine news engine search out of the news is the news source information, the news engine is included in the web site news source.

Definition of

news source

know the source of the news source, we look at the news of the standard definition, said the news source is consistent with Baidu, Google and other search engines to seed the news station standard Baidu encyclopedia, the station information for the first time by search engines and priority included, is a network of media reproduced into the news source for the network media. News sources in the field of network status, credibility and authority, but also the spread of radiation to the origin of the domestic media network.

from the definition of analysis, the news source refers to the media, that is, news source sites, such as Sina, Sohu. To that point, the news source is the search engine, not from the search engine and independent existence, we used the news source said, Baidu news source may be the default, in fact the news source and Google news source, the source of news, Sogou soso news source etc..

The value of

news source

why do you do in marketing are required to press source? This is because the source of the news media has a certain authority, after the release of information can cause attention and reproduced in the media, and the effect of soft marketing is unlimited. Pony know the way marketing consultant, marketing to have rich experience, have a better grasp of the media, what media news source? What section included good, well.

news source website growing, news source price is weakening

if you often operate marketing, you may also find the source of news media, now too much, some of the media is the news source name, that can be the news search engine engine caught, but does not have the news source of the real, that is not a media source of information dissemination, no other media pay attention to.

at present, media for economic benefits, some sections will contract to some enterprises, the contractor is more utilitarian, with economic interests of the media, seems to have lost the value of the media itself, so there is no media attention to the news source, the media news sources, no real news source.

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