Forum to promote such a few strokes very yellow very violent

first, the location of the Forum:

in the forum, to carry out comprehensive consideration, I need to do what kind of forum, how to do? I am still comprehensive local forum! I believe that a comprehensive forum now started a little late, it is difficult! I choose a local forum: Zhongguancun Forum ( Before doing this forum, I conducted a comprehensive consideration for Zhongguancun, the number of the same forum, the daily life in Zhongguancun in the first section, the purpose is to emphasize the regional, but also to the computer section features make this forum do


two, Forum promotion conditions:

1, the forum is fast enough, garbage code as little as possible (to reject the friendship chain with LOGO connection, it is best to use text connection)

2, the number of subjects to be as much as possible, the initial registration of more than 500 members (not less than 5000, reply to the number of 10000);

(Note: you can use the software to achieve this function, so that the forum looks popular)

3, a stable management team, in particular, can love the management of your forum, which requires your long-term accumulation and training, it is best to raise awareness around the friends, the money to earn!

4, a forum to level restrictions, can not enter your site on the mandatory registration, which is not conducive to the collection and access, you imagine someone a hair of your forum are invisible, what people can register


5, set up a part of the visible, the sale of stickers, permission to paste, these settings are very important, can be prompted to register and participate in the theme of the release, reply;

6, set the limit browse posts must not be more than 30% early, we must pay attention to this problem.

7, it is best to have the original work area, even if the number of fewer and less, this is crucial to the arrival of the search engine.

8, members of the registration of your membership after the first message to be received in accordance with my appearance, do not underestimate this setting:

welcome to the forum name, please click on the title to read the following access to your important information

[section] address: [connection address]

[section] address: [connection address]

[section] address: [connection address]



1, a reply, do not qualify for irrigation, as soon as possible [] gold member, enjoy advanced permissions


2, more publicity to the forum, your pay will give you a higher degree of authority!

3, welcome to join

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