SNS marketing a new continent in marketing

in recent years, with the rapid rise of network marketing, a variety of marketing methods emerge in an endless stream. From 2002 began to appear in the SEO marketing tools, after 9 years of development and transformation, has gradually matured into the field of marketing, the Red Sea, slowly facing the pattern of re shuffling. As the history of change, since there is the Red Sea, then the blue ocean has quietly appeared, which is currently the most popular SNS marketing.

SNS marketing is the use of SNS web site to share and share functions in the six dimensional theory based on the realization of a marketing. By means of viral transmission, let more people know the product. We are familiar with foreign Facebook, Twitter, to the domestic Sina micro-blog, Renren, Kaixin, SNS has begun to be everywhere, began to integrate into the lives of many people. And with the growing user base of these SNS platform, SNS’s commercial value began to reveal the landscape. In March this year, Facebook in the non public stock market valuations, just hit $78 billion 750 million (about 2 billion 500 million shares issued based on the new record, only) a SNS website, the valuation is enough to make people speechless. So what exactly is the value of SNS marketing


take the most popular Sina micro-blog SNS website, from July 2010 officially opened in April this year, Sina micro-blog, the number of registered users has exceeded 140 million, and is expected to develop more than 200 million users at the end of the year. Such a huge user base is a huge resource, which is the origin of the Internet for a long profit model. A large number of users in this platform to find their own interest in the topic, looking for their favorite things, and thus the resulting commercial value is self-evident. Take recruitment, recruitment companies usually go to the talent market or through professional website, now as long as you can pay attention to the one you want to professionals, then through his interaction, can find more relevant personnel. At present, many enterprises and units have been in this way for their careers.

is another SNS advertising value. With the prevalence of social network media, resulting in the "circle" more and more, the so-called "circle", is composed of a common hobby, the common topic of an independent user group. And with the development of SNS, circle will become more and more life, more and more specific. And these specific circle, is the best place for Internet marketing credibility and conversion. In the cosmetics used by girls, for example, if in a circle about fashion, to a certain brand of soft publicity, the effect may be much greater than the rigid propaganda.

anyway, SNS marketing is still not mature marketing model, especially in the SNS in China is still not a very long time, but after all, is the future of marketing trends. As an enterprise, is a forward-looking vision, and eventually discovered the new continent occupied SNS marketing.

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