Depth analysis of why you can not write a good copy of 80 points

"copy fever" "The Copy Book" "advertising copy psychological manual" are quickly turned rotten, get the copy needs or do not know how to start.

sales force, insight, visualization, scene…… Every day scratching your meditation, into their own hands would not work.

see a lot of the master’s masterpiece, listening to a lot of big coffee to share, since that Niubi untouchable, but a pen head absolutely empty.

why don’t you write a copy?

brain small hole? Is

?We look at the

45° copy masters, is not a hole in the brain is not inexhaustible, there is no telling the unique cheats.

is clearly not, because they understand the logic behind the writing.

first, no inspiration is just a superficial phenomenon

Boss says: write an ad copy that we’re going to cast on × × channel.

and A started to collect copy: copy the relevant information, industry brainstorming, reference to the latest advertisement case, trying to find inspiration boutique.

B copy also began: with the Boss to discuss the requirements of the text to research products and consumers 1 to 1 communication analysis of publicity channels.

because of the different focus, A copywriting and B copy of the time allocation is essentially different.

A copy: 70% of the time for creative inspiration, 20% time words, time to copy logic 10%.

B: time to copy copy logic 70%, 20% time words, 10% of the time for creative inspiration.

by time distribution can be seen:

A copy 70% of the time on the creative inspiration. Look for inspiration from advertising cases and things around them, hoping that one day they will hit their heads.

B copy 70% of the energy on the copy logic. Including: a thorough understanding of the purpose of this marketing, in-depth understanding of the product, the precise analysis of the audience, the control of the brand stage, the channel style matching.

what kind of paper do you think is more efficient,


obviously, B copywriter often can write 80 points of copy.

language is deep inspiration, whether this is just bursting, can effective writing surface phenomenon, while hiding huge glaciers under the sea is the real reason of writing well.


I understand the writing and not imagined a head of creative work, Emmanuel flash, but there is a clear understanding of the purpose of writing. A copy because the logic behind the copy can not only lead to the

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