Planning a phenomenal marketing event you need to know about Freud’s three law

Abstract: the emergence of the phenomenon of marketing events, favorable factors are indispensable, but they are consciously or unconsciously follow the same rules, have figured out the mass psychology and the flow of emotion.


why someone’s planning can lead to collective climax, you can only in the case of reading article in hi? Why is everyone else’s copy can become a network of hot words, you can only pick up the network hot words into your slogan

? Where is the difference?

a phenomenal marketing event, favorable factors are indispensable, but careful observation you will find that they consciously or unconsciously follow the same rules, have figured out the mass psychology and the flow of emotion. Among them, the psychiatrist, psychologist Freud may be able to resolve one or two.


rule: the audience three "persona", one by one by one

Freud believes that personality is divided into three parts: ID, ego and superego.


can be understood as each person’s body lived three people, ID and superego, ego villain villain villain, the different nature of the stimulus will cause their different responses. This three people exist, means that before planning every marketing activity, you must make sure you want to tame the target population in the body which the villain, and know their characteristics and weakness.

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simple and direct senses can stimulate the ID, such as, high calorie foods, alcohol and tobacco, electronic games, go to travel, said full full Taobao shopping cart, and the fragmentation of reading, follow my needs. My principle is the pursuit of happiness, for immediate gratification (immediate gratification).

ID No organization, no common will, logic thinking in self there is not applicable." That is to say, when you want to promote a major service in my products, then please do not speak the truth of logic, give analysis and persuasion, but directly to show, to the temptation to describe the experience of glib.

Visualization of


can you describe the taste of food to my children exquisite metaphor, like Rileosip (Arnotts) chocolate cookies do:


smooth, delicate, hot in a little sweet, with "desire is not SIP but big bite" copy, your ID is not already heard the villain chew chocolate cookie clicks? You don’t need to tell consumers of chocolate biscuits ingredients were used in soluble fiber and does not contain saturated fat, these cold place >

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