Website advocate new ideas Adsense Alliance

website to promote new ideas Adsense alliance

wrote in "the independent development of website, and then search the insulation" one article, the propaganda method of search engine on the outside. I want to find some good ways to save time and save money.

summed up the existing variety of propaganda methods, summed up a good effect, long-term effective method, this method is – Adsense alliance.

now the webmaster website, most of the isolated state alone the stragglers and disbanded soldiers. If a part of the webmaster together, when others propaganda website, passing the alliance webmaster website also sent out, so time is the same, but can promote many stations, the effect of linear increase.

to write soft Wen, if one hundred to write the webmaster of soft paper form Adsense alliance, in the same article not only add their own web site, but also the introduction of the web site. Then write a soft Wen Xuan effect on the increase of one hundred times. The overall effect is that each webmaster just spend the same time as before, you can achieve the original 100 times the effect. Coupled with the synergistic effect of articles reprinted, the effect will be even better, which is the great role of unity and cooperation.

The people who carry

flower children, we mutually assist, time-saving, the effect is magnified.

is now the lack of such a platform for communication and cooperation, relying solely on the webmaster I contact other webmasters to explain this idea, the efficiency is too slow. If there is such a webmaster alliance platform to improve the level of automation, want to participate in the webmaster webmaster to provide their own information, so the efficiency will be high.

look forward to the emergence of such a webmaster alliance platform, webmaster class website is particularly suitable for such a platform for cooperation. If no one engaged in a month, will launch the development of such a platform for the majority of webmaster services.

below the webmaster alliance platform details given to the owners who want to establish a platform for the basic reference:

1 Basic webmaster information registration, web site registration.

2 cooperative group autonomous system.

3 each alliance member’s contribution to the webmaster alliance group. For example, soft content, link content, mail group content.

4 Adsense special recommendation function, etc..

this promotion method, regardless of the old station is good, without any drawbacks.

the whole world unite.

Wang Jianran

December 22, 2007

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