Marketing should do this Tumblr five major sponsors post

[introduction] the first named Universal’s "Bob maid" from the movie "despicable me 2", marked 310 thousand times. Tencent science and technology in December 10th

micro blog Tumblr users seem to have to compromise on the site advertising, like Ford, Warner Brothers and other major brand sponsors (Sponsored Posts) in the post this year received hundreds of thousands of "love" and "sharing".

in Tumblr’s 2013 annual review, Tumblr editor of the year’s 40 most popular posts, according to the post on the line after the number of tags (including "like" and "forward") ranking. Here are the 5 most popular posts:


first: universal Studios (Universal), "Bob Maid" (Bob the), it comes from the movie despicable me 2. Marked for 315 thousand and 675 times.


second: CONVERSE (Converse), marking the number of times 182 thousand and 788.


third: Warner Brothers, marked for 152 thousand and 277 times. Dicaprio to become this year the popular action movie logo image.


fourth: Ford car, marked for 117 thousand and 36 times. As part of Ford’s "And Is Better" advertising campaign, Ford uses geometric graphics to link the cat in the "evil marriage" with the internet.


fifth: Home Depot, 85 thousand and 967 times the number mark. In July 4, 2013, the home depot to a lovely cat, "Star Wars", a pun together, released the message, and quickly sought after by users.

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