10 words summed up how to promote the site

website promotion is a timeless topic, but it is also a topic of love and hate. Those who worked to promote the work of the people know that a problem met in the website promotion process is asked today, some people answered the same question tomorrow, so people still ask, still someone answer, so repeatedly, eventually no peace.

does not believe you go online to Baidu a website promotion topic, a lot of problems with a lot of answers in pairs appear on the network, not only did not. What are the reasons resulting in the emergence of such a phenomenon? These days I am doing daily promotion to cattle network time is also very worried, then think of some time ago designated promotion plan, I found that this is a problem. The following analysis:

we first recall the time when he was doing a promotion work:

1, first make a detailed plan (website promotion experience + own learning from the success of others), each independent promotion method may be very detailed, but you have all the promotion means together, combined with the stage of development, the website of different user groups, different products and services do a reasonable collocation system;

2, OK scheme, determined after the promotion work in accordance with the guidance of the plan to do, eager for a fight;

, 3, began to promote the work of the specific implementation of daily, this time attention, your actions are every detail not entirely in accordance with your plan to carry out, think carefully, your every action to promote the work of the time control of every operation plan details down to contemplate. Sometimes you think this little place do not care too much, not worth spending too much time, leaving more time and energy to do other things behind, wait until the next link again, repeat the cycle continues.

4, the daily repeat day in and day out to promote the work of the above, you remember, in front of you had planted trees Zeyang, have long worms, have not been destroyed, there is no lack of nutrients…… you can’t finished planting trees as is not to them, it’s like you have the children clapped ass away as you did before the promotion of what is the purpose? Is the ah, is to bring traffic, is to have a consultation, is to have the conversion, you can guarantee a job you have to do is do not need to be improved, the pink of perfection, so. You have to go back and monitor the effect of the previous work, to find out what is not done well, and then targeted to improve the work method, so you can upgrade.

5, well, so a month passed, and two months passed, and then, for the past third months, do you still have the passion and action in the first month?


1, website promotion itself

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