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There is a saying "

Chinese toilet" in the essay: now, the city people live in the building, convenient things seems to be solved, but if you go out, or you will get into trouble. First of all, most of the city Chinese public toilets are very few, but it is difficult to find. Most of the units of the toilet is not foreign, so if you’re going to play, unfortunately encountered the urgency, you should be familiar with the terrain, know within hundreds of meters around public toilets where, otherwise, you’re in big trouble.

small toilet, big problem. According to the statistics of the World Toilet Organization, about 6 to 8 times per person per day on the toilet, life is about 2 years spent in the toilet. Public health has a great impact on health. In China, public toilets are notoriously hard to find, especially outside.

see the following data

1 "zero annual China public service evaluation index report" shows that 42.8% of urban residents reflect, often can not find a public toilet out of the room. According to the National Tourism Administration overseas tourists spot checks show that the domestic toilet unsatisfactory rate of up to 49.4%; mainly dirty, chaotic, poor, less.

2 toilets hard to find, one important reason is that the sign is not obvious. In fact, there are a number of roads and buildings within the public toilets, but because there is no sign in a prominent position, so that people eager to find a toilet with them.

3 toilet is not free. Especially in tourist attractions, 80% toilets will charge.

demand, there will be a market, there is a big demand, there will be a big market, the Internet is also the same. So, do a map of the Chinese toilet network, there will be a big demand for large market sites.

first, the toilet map network is a product of a wide range of needs, second, toilet map network will be supported by the public and the government. Third toilet map network has a lot of profit points.

toilet map network is not that no one had thought, and the existing foreign precedent, the new Australian National Service toilet map site www.toiletmap.gov.au using Google Earth as provided by the user, by the people welcome and praise. In China, the physical toilet map has appeared in several cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Changsha, etc..

as to why the huge China, not an online map toilet, may also be due to differences in concepts, strength and ability to disdain to do, want to do not have this ability.

how to do a toilet map network, I would like to talk about some of my ideas, writing more rough:

1 framework toilet map network on a single man or a team is not complete, even if to do, but also the defective products, China want to collect vast territory and abundant resources, to create a complete toilet map, can only rely on the masses. Therefore, the site should be the terminal + local station in the form of local stations to cities and counties as the basic single

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