Dozens of gay sites were black legal positioning vague rights difficult

              from the second half of last year until now, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Beijing, Hebei and other places of homosexual men continue to be attacked by hackers. The ultimate goal of the attackers is not simply to destroy the site, but to attack the complex interests behind the homosexual website.

gay and ordinary people, across the double barriers to the reality of rules and ethics. A gay website founder said she wants to establish a regular real social recognition, the lesbian website, but the premise is that the rules should first make out ", as in the night air line must first find a lamp.

after a long time the site was attacked, responsible for the large gay queues Xiaoshuai website "love sky" (net), determined from the backstage, Sue hacker attack website.

this determination is not easy for the dragon. "As long as others do not disturb, we are very satisfied, do not want to expose themselves. But this time, in order to the interests of the site is to the interests of the entire gay community, I chose to stand out." Long Xiaoshuai said.

according to statistics, at present China homosexuals in 5 million to 10 million people, according to expert estimates, because too many people afraid to expose their identity and other reasons, the total number of underground groups may be 50 million people.

The ultimate goal of

attackers is not simply destroy the site, the industry said, this is because behind the attack involves complex interests

according to the introduction, love sky suffered only a large-scale attack in the wave.

Long Xiaoshuai’s lawyer Wo Xingwei told reporters, from the second half of last year, a number of gay men in Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Beijing, site of Hebei, was attacked by hackers, chat rooms to be the hardest hit.

"planned attack initiator is very strong, they always adopt a two pronged approach: on the one hand, the use of hacking attack sites, so that it can not be the normal operation; on the other hand, report the homosexual website containing pornographic vulgar content to the relevant departments." Long Xiaoshuai said, the initiator of the attack to take exactly the same way. At present, the attack has not stopped.

According to

, a rather strange phenomenon in this round of attack is the final goal of the attackers is not only destroyed the site.

Wo Xingwei described to reporters the specific circumstances of the site under attack:

love sky after the attack, the site continued paralysis and not functioning properly. In the "love sky chat room" can not log in, but there will be a dialog box to inform the Internet chat room has been canceled, please visit another new domain name chat room. At the same time, the new domain name under the site began to operate, and continue to release news.


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