The story of transformation from nice brand filters applied to guide picture interest community

photo sharing application nice has just won $8 million investment, they also quietly removed the "brand filter" hat, began to define himself as a sharing community brand, location and label the pictures based on interest. In the just updated version 2, nice added to their own private chat feature, began to expand their social attributes. In an interview with PingWest nice co-founder Cao Dapeng, he shared nice in every iteration transformation and considerations: why do "the male version of the beautiful"? Why the initial line select manual intervention content and now also the opposite? Why "entrance whisper" function is user share picture instead of personal homepage



nice team’s intention is to do a shopping guide products – KK shopping, they want to brand as the core, the connection between the brand sensitivity of high consumer and brand businesses, do a shopping guide class applications. From the first edition of KK shopping, we can see some of today’s nice shadow: let users upload photos, text input brand label, let the brand image can be identified directly connected to the business platform. Nice co-founder Cao Dapeng said in their original vision, male users are more susceptible to the brand influence, and female relative value models, so hope KK shopping through the brand and influence to recommend fashion trendsetter, a male version of "beautiful".

But soon after the

product test, Cao Dapeng soon found a problem: male users tend to quickly make a purchase decision, rather than as "beautiful" and "" on female users as the "shopping" this behavior as the main action, the difference between the two "male version of beauty" has become talk. In addition, Taobao partners "for the third party cooperation policy is to change state, these factors prompted the nice team to start the first transition.


is a transition, but the nice team did not change their core philosophy – the impact of consumption decisions through content. The brand is still one of the most important factors affecting young people’s purchasing decisions, so the brand characteristics extracted, and join the tag play nice on October 21, 2013 on-line. Recall the first edition of nice, Cao Dapeng said, when they were on the operation of the strong intervention of the content – in addition to their own background of the brand page, the user can not create any brand label. At the same time, nice also established a home page for these brands, in addition to the company profile, the home page will gather all the use of the brand label users share photos.


pre brand label restrictions, to a large extent, taking into account the control of UGC content. With the accumulation of data, Cao Dapeng realized that this restriction is also a constraint on nice – if it is only

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