Adsense network broadcast bubble network in some areas can not open the more than and 20 novel site

1 bubble network is black, some areas can not access  

A5 station network ( April 14th news: according to informed sources claimed that parts of station was black, at present the 500 error page, then display the source code, the website directly jump to a mobile gaming website. According to professional analysts speculated that this situation should be part of the server room was attacked.

more than 2.20 novel sites shut down because of jurisprudence, including Baidu how cool bookstores  


last night, CCTV "news network" report, the national pornography working group office decided in mid April to November, in the fight against online pornographic information pornography · net net 2014 special action.

this action also involves the network literature industry, there are more than 20 online literature websites inaccessible, including Baidu how cool bookstores, 3G bookstores, reading network, huanjianshumeng.

a network of literary industry practitioners revealed that more than a few days ago has received notice of higher authorities, will be a new round of action against cyber pornography, involving network literature:

3 "anti pornography net net 2014 special action network literature website was up

A5 station network April 13th news headlines today, reported substantial national pornography net net 2014 comprehensive inventory of network pornographic information special action, and published "on the development of information to combat Internet pornography special action announcement, announcement that the national anti pornography working group office, the state Internet information office the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry decided that since mid April 2014 to November, a nationwide unified campaign to combat Internet pornographic information pornography · net net 2014 special action. The focus of this special action regulation for five points, and on Internet sites, search engines, app store and other Internet information service providers and network TV stick, set-top boxes and other equipment, conduct a thorough inventory. The text, pictures, video, advertising and other information containing pornographic content shall be deleted immediately. Two is severely punished according to the law of the dissemination of pornographic information of enterprises and personnel. Three, strictly implement the main responsibility of Internet companies. Four, serious accountability dereliction of duty. Five, welcome the masses complaints and reports.

4 WeChat entry to the end of the Jingdong to open a circle of friends tied with  

news April 14th, billion state power network before access to news, WeChat my bank card – specials channel will be completed in the near future revision, will replace the original "select" plate for the "discovery" (the name has not been determined, the Jingdong) as the platform for the display of goods. The >

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