The vivid case Hujiang network vice president share Hujiang network in the field of digital publishi

December 15th, held in Shanghai on the future development of digital publishing theme sharon. Guest Hujiang network vice president Mr. Xu Hua to give us a vivid case for sharing some Hujiang network over the years from entrepreneurial start to present in the domestic online education, publishing field.

content is as follows:

Xu Hua:

Shanghai river network was established in 2001, was at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, the founder and CEO Arno is a student of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Before the liberation of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology called the University of Shanghai, the Shanghai two words moved to the site. Today we Shanghai two words for the new brand of Shanghai, Shanghai, the Yellow River river is the Yangtze River, we have the best quality content of Hujiang network coverage to all parts of the country, and not only that, 10% registered users inside the IP has now come from overseas.

in the digital publishing, Shanghai river network was established in November 2010 the Ministry of information copyright. We ran the press every day. Before the Shanghai river network to belong to the door lay a good internal strength, good user experience, but the professional circle inside the people we know very little. Including embassies and consulates, publishing houses, since then, have visited a lot of. Go to the press after the discovery of very we need such a platform, the Shanghai river network registered users is five million, now nearly twenty million. Throughout the year, nearly two hundred million of users browse the independent IP, visiting traffic is very large, and are accurate to learn a foreign language. I am very surprised to visit the process, did not want to publish the society so welcome.

from the first contact press until now, the publishing industry professionals recognize that the press really need a platform for us to establish a relationship with readers, we need to know what you want to, we need this book is above the social need, because there are millions of registered users of Shanghai River network. From that time to try and press communication, East China University of Science and Technology press each year when doing the annual topic in cooperation with Shanghai river network to do a survey, because Shanghai river network is accurate to learn English, Japanese, Korean, French users, very accurate readers need to find the platform, what books, readers think any industry did not find a professional book, it may develop this topic to operate.

, for example, such as children’s publishing house, after the children’s books, through our platform, for example, take ten books, by the Shanghai river network to engage in a community, the first ten individual registration, free from publishing a book for you, you only have to do one thing, write a book review. In this way, the press can get the first-hand reader feedback. A good place as a source of promotional materials, a bad place as an improved reference, which is very helpful.

in addition to press in Shanghai opened online agency homepage, such as the China Science and technology press. They took out 20 books to draw a lottery, and focus on the fan of the home page

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