Micro blog Sina seeks to realize the flow of tens of millions of dollars to invest in community shop



[Sohu IT news] November 8th news, industry sources, Sina fund to get traction network 10 million yuan investment. Drag network founder and CEO Zhao Ye confirmed the news on the side of micro-blog.

it is reported that this is the largest single Sina micro-blog fund investment. Last year, the network has received Sina micro-blog Angel Fund investment.

industry insiders believe that this is a new move Sina micro-blog seek traffic realized. Previously, in 2011 Sina micro-blog Taobao writer mall, shopping mall to create a micro channel, but now the effect is not obvious. In October 30th this year, its rival Tencent launched a community integration shopping platform micro mall, by completing the task to earn points, the use of points to redeem the mall gift.

tractor network was founded in 2010, is headquartered in Shanghai’s fashion shopping guide website, while providing expert dressing experts, with Q & A services, Sina micro-blog official clothing platform.

in the shopping guide field, mogujie.com and beauty is said to be the most watched two. Zhao Ye breakout way is in the middle of the business layer began to do some attempt, in the micro-blog platform launched a drag dressing and other applications, using Sina micro-blog to promote.

in the application, the fashion authority with a single product delivery, by the user scoring, according to the user’s preferences recommend a single product.

drag network is Zhao Ye’s second venture. Prior to the establishment of the Urban Forum in 2009, he was wholly acquired by modern communications group.

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