Cheetah CEO Fu Sheng the nternet’s two biggest barriers time and cognition


May 30th morning, IPO just returned the cheetah CEO Fu Sheng by the Tencent invited to make a speech behind closed doors, open the altar preaching tuition FAQ. The topic of Fu Sheng’s speech is "simple to" (return)".

this speech, Fu Sheng first proposed 4 trends in the Internet era of change:

1 consumer products era users pay more attention to the appearance of experience, to experience and user awareness win;

2 Internet era makes single point breakthrough possible, and become the mainstream;

3 Internet make the world a better level, find minimalist point, can produce detonation;

4 industrial era is the system to promote a single product, and the Internet era is a single product with a system to find a single point, with the entire face.

below is the classic view of the speech:

1, I care, I should be more careful. How can one person do not care? Care, but is not afraid to lose, complete the side of every thing but with a serious attitude;

2, the more simple the more things can break out huge energy;

3, in the era of consumer goods, the user experience and awareness is the first, the age of the Internet to reduce communication costs, single point breakthrough possible;

4, the Internet make the world a better level, through a core needs a minimalist point move, may have detonated attention;

5, the layout can only strengthen your current situation, only a single point of breakthrough to produce a disruptive pattern;

6, the industrialization of the system is to create a single product, and the Internet era is the "locomotive effect", from a single product with the system;

7, simple product user cognitive cost is lower, more controllable, so more Internet penetration;

8, the Internet era in a more simple way to complete the management of more complex projects;

9, the importance of a product is not to determine the complexity, but to the user’s perception of its decision;

10, the Internet’s biggest two barriers: first, the time, the two is cognitive;

11, to have an empty cup mentality, learn the most changes in the industry, to accept everything, do not look at the world with a critical attitude;

, the 12 products needed to be successful in the tilt of resources, all in the mind incapable of further increase, minimalist goal point, do the largest investment strategy. Because the opportunity is only a moment. Finally, Fu Sheng gave word of gold for you: the world has never been simple, but you become good.

Fu Sheng believes that the simple penetration is to allow users to spend a very low cost to know you. This is far more important than industrial products. One of the hardest things in the consumer era

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