Two pain when grassroots webmaster to Nirvana rebirth

there are two things worth paying attention to grassroots webmaster. The first is the Ministry of industry recently raise a Babel of criticism of a thorough investigation of the site for the record again, has a certain scale of personal website registration is cancelled. The cancellation of the record also led to the owners of the domain name policy thinking. The second thing is the CN domain name market holdings prices rose slightly. Although the surface is not worth paying attention, but from a certain point of view, but it is a very good response to the current situation and the survival of the individual owners of the site, and the site with the cancellation of the domain name registration policy is closely related to the list.


from the beginning of April, there are a lot of webmasters to respond to their own website record number was canceled. There are a lot of webmaster reaction, their recent days often receive site for the cancellation of the SMS and e-mail notification. There may be some information on the site is not perfect, the situation has been canceled. But some sites are really their own true information for the record, the site content is no problem. Many webmaster all at sea puzzled, if the problem is your own website, the record was canceled also identified. But it is very careful, the content of the website and the record information are legitimate real, but still could not escape the cancellation of bad luck. There is a webmaster analysis, it is likely that the Ministry of industry by the recent fight against piracy in the network, carried out a new round of the site for the qualification audit. For some of the information on behalf of the record or filing untrue website for a large-scale clean-up. At the end of April, the Ministry also announced on the official website, the website of the website for the record to remind the sponsor through formal channels. Since a few years ago, the Internet policy is more relaxed, all filing a false record does exist, so in this record will have a more thorough investigation of the site for the record was canceled, probably in the verification will record information implicated some real personal webmaster.


website for the thorough investigation also makes the domain name white list system surfaced again. Before the station broke the news, Baidu search site without white list, the search results will let you be startled at the author, through the Baidu search, search website structure without white list of about 59600, a full 63 pages. These sites are due to various reasons not to join the white list, and was shut down. The policy does not allow the analysis of the record has not been confirmed. Before the stationmaster net stationmaster issued a clear-cut stand against white list system domain policy is unreasonable, in fact about the domain name white list system is not reasonable, hope that through legal means to appeal against the policy implementation. No matter is the domain name white list, or real name record, are the means of rectification of Internet information, its essential purpose is to strengthen the network information management, but also a clean and healthy network, provide a better business environment for the owners. However, in the past few years, the policy is too clear, the domestic Internet environment has been a variety of problems have erupted. Now the policy is too harsh a scanty, but will limit the development of the Internet, stifle Internet freedom and innovation. The new filing system has been implemented for some time, the owners in the adaptation of the new system, but also hope that whether it is filing policy >

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