Dai Zhikang application and extension of PHP technology application

The morning of May 26th, the Tianjin daily building business hotel, the official Zend PHP authoritative technical certification center in Tianjin official opening ceremony held here. Dai Zhikang, founder and President of Comsenz, has a friendly and enthusiastic face-to-face exchange with Tianjin’s software and Internet enthusiasts. And wait in the lounge. Rigorous, aged at least 20 years higher than the leaders guests, wearing a black T-shirt, beige slacks, toting shoulder bag Dai Zhikang really reflects the distinctive characteristics of 80 upstart Internet business. 26 year old young man who was selected in 2007 ten Chinese digital hero, starting from an ordinary PHP programmer, developed the most popular online community software Discuz!, set up to community software as the core business of Comsenz (Comsenz) company, the community website software to occupy the market share of nearly 70%. Comsenz for the popularization and development of PHP in China, in 2006 and Zend company, founded Zend (Chinese) technical support center and public website www.PHPChina.com, the identity change process is Dai Zhikang from a PHP application to a PHP application and promotion of the. Geng Zhijun, general manager of PHPChina at the ceremony on the technical application of PHP optimistic analysis. The latest statistics show that more than 20 million sites around the world using PHP language, accounting for Web2.0 website platform of 50%. PHP is the most famous out of the ordinary, is "PEA", which is sponsored by the PHPChina include all PHP programmers the professional PHP charitable organizations, is now in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other more than and 20 city established local branch. Liu Weijun, director of the Internet application branch of Tianjin Software Industry Association, held friendly talks with Comsenz and Zend Tianjin technology center, part of the website    

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