The four roads to go in the future

a lot of people like me, hate the current mode of education, or another reason to give up the opportunity to go to college. And then do the same network dream. All the webmaster are doing this dream. Of course, there are already a lot of people dream into reality. But more people are still chasing, are looking forward to wake up to find that they have a house, a car, a beautiful woman, there are a few banknotes. But the reality is cruel. Especially for those who give up on College and do the webmaster friends more cruel. I have a friend, and I am a year old, I do not know why he finished reading junior high school to work out, listen to him at that time in a sale of electrical appliances to do sales and delivery. I was on the Internet every day, he is also a night to run to the cafe. Sometimes two people will be bored to a day to talk all night. He made a game forum, there are still a lot of people, until now I wonder where he went to find so many people. Often do a big LOGO, do a good to me to see a, and then asked me to comment, said bad, he was anxious, say, he thought I was lying to him. And then continue to do LOGO to help others to do, or that a few style: a black frame, then the background and the border between a white border, a transparent white line from the left to the right row, the final site name and domain name flash out. The only thing that changes is the background, font or color. And often ask me some JAVASCRIPT, I called him, he must always say, and then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. And then he asked me to help him with the black bars he used to play. He taught him some of the basic network and commonly used scanning software, from now on in his so-called hacker life. After almost two years. I said I wanted to go to a technical school, and he followed me. I dropped out of school for a semester. He has been adhering to the secondary school for three years. Maybe it’s my perseverance. I’m still learning ASP, learning. NET, learning SQL, he is still the same school every day after school, and occasionally met him on the Internet one or two times. I asked him, what is learning, every time to ask is an answer: the school busy, I do look at the computer room, the school also teach VB, I am learning VB.". And then I asked him how he was doing. He seemed to think he had learned about it. Three years later, I was in a network company to do a small programmer, and he fell in love with someone else to install, do the system, do silly bird called network formation. All day outside the system, install the driver, set the ADSL, like a super engineer, the United States and the United States to show off in front of other friends. But friends or friends, some hurt self-esteem, then I will be removed.

do not know to read the above confused about the future, you can understand that I want to explain today? I am not talking about me, did not say you. I’m talking about our future. According to my years of study and life, I figured out the truth. The webmaster can only go so many roads in the future.

the first road. In learning website, a website with friends and I are very interested in doing. His >