Luxury rental package service is pushing keep going by painstaking effort to break the predicament

has launched a new round of the luxury goods business in June after the war, the luxury business Temple library has a new action: in the domestic the first free rental service package. Behind this series of actions, it is revealed the luxury business dilemma: on the one hand is the rapid rise in the domestic luxury market, on the other hand it is a luxury electric providers keep going by painstaking effort. Luxury electricity supplier how to break through the dilemma?



is the temple library rental package service

days before electricity supplier Temple library luxury news release will launch a free rental package this is also the first domestic luxury goods company launched the business during the five anniversary celebration.

Temple library said, in order to meet the needs of consumers, from July 3rd to October 3rd, consumers can save 5000 yuan or 10000 yuan deposit in the temple library, free of charge to pay the amount less than the value of goods, a month can be replaced. To reduce the problems caused by stains and fineness of goods in normal use, will be free to take the temple library and maintenance after the recovery.

yesterday, the Chinese commercial news reporters saw in the temple library network, the temple library can be launched as many as hundreds of bags can be rented, the current Chanel, LV and other brands of 7 bags have been rented.

In addition to the launch of

leasing activities, the reporter saw, temple library also launched the "full 2000 yuan up by 200 yuan, and the price auction and other promotions seckill.

Temple Library China CEO Li Rixue said that in 2011 the temple library online sales in China accounted for only about 10% of total sales, to the year of 2012, this share increased to $40%. This year is just the 5 anniversary of the establishment of the temple library, ready for the preparation of the inventory of the electricity supplier melee, consumers can purchase online and offline through the two channels to buy 1 billion.


luxury electricity supplier in trouble

in the industry view, the temple library price and even after the introduction of free lease, but it is revealed that the entire electricity supplier industry frustration. "This is a good marketing tool, but it is not easy to implement." Dean of the Institute of quality of wealth, well-known luxury expert Zhou Ting yesterday in an interview with Chinese commercial news reporters, said that it looks more like a marketing strategy.

China’s huge demand for luxury goods is the beginning of the expansion of luxury electricity supplier to expand the root causes. Since 2009,, Tianpin net, serves network, Fifth Avenue, square meter net, net, poly still treasures luxury websites have been on the line, and like Sina, NetEase, Jingdong, the water opened luxury channel, many banks also to Fengeng luxury sale website.

however, these local luxury electricity supplier website is not a good day. Huha network on events and the resignation of employees, layoffs, cool statue serves network gateway to stop and other incidents have occurred, from the beginning of the second half of 2010, the luxury goods business is "trouble" time. >