From Copy to China to to Copy China what happened to the mobile nternet


as everyone knows, the Internet Chinese took a C2C in the past few decades (Copy to China) of the road, almost all well-known Internet applications can find its shadow in the United States, in the "coat micro innovation" that no one think this is what is wrong. Recently some subtle changes in C2C, it was very difficult at the same time, overseas products began to learn from Chinese counterparts, to China Copy (to Chinese copy) the rise of the mobile Internet era Chinese game player won the opportunity to counter attack.

The rise of

2CC phenomenon

Facebook recently launched the Hello function on the domestic software Sogou number through a lot of imitation, let me think of a word 2CC that to China Copy. Facebook is the at the other side of the shadow, the Tencent is the underlying object. Recently some wits: first line of Messenger is similar to WeChat to pay the transfer between friends, the two day began to test named Hello "mobile phone call assistant". The application is limited to Android systems, including dialing, call blacklist, caller information display, search business phone and a key dialing and other functions, with the number of Sogou numbers represented by the function of the assistant is quite similar. The future may also join the intelligent harassment interception function library based on cloud number, and telephone yellow pages of life.


earlier, Facebook also launched Home Android, based on the theme, master of the concept is the Go desktop, although the Home project by Zuckerberg’s attention, but still can not escape the fate of failure: support models and user rating is low, less bleak downloads.

Google has led the world in science and technology innovation machine, began to follow Chinese counterparts, Google on the line to buy tickets in the search results, you can search to App through content, installed directly in the results page, Baidu launched the corresponding function than it had been a year or more and deeper.

a year ago people heard the big Silicon Valley firms copy China Mobile Internet parlance, met a contemptuous disregard, more than a year ago that Meizu iOS 7 in some ways the creative plagiarism by all laugh, but I’m afraid the future similar things will become a reality, and more and more. The core reason is that the original function, China unique characteristics of the original application, the original model more and more, which brings to study the possibility of overseas companies, 2CC rise is inevitable, of course, there are more reasons.


Internet with Chinese characteristics

visited the Silicon Valley who should be able to realize: the concept of O2O, home service is not Chinese so hot, "Internet plus" the China created no concept in the United states. Of these concepts

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