The nternet in the ashes time NANTEX North beggar


story from the North beggar, saying China Internet north old "Baidu", from his birth, to provide Sina service, and his co-founder, Master Hongqi is probably the most reluctant to a tv. In my impression, and it is frequently in the ashes of time our da mirror, not what the "wealth of life", is "no free lunch". North beggar students were not born a love the limelight, but do not underestimate the beggars. Now the way begging has changed, as long as the beggars sitting in the company, make a phone call, get what the "top", although the Baixiao born dead for several years, but now the "martial arts master ranking" beggars but by this ranking get a lot of water, they heard recently in use what IM boss Master Hongqi for "whisper" praise, do not know is not invisible, the "Miss Bai Xiaosheng" students? Gaibang ranking although not by shop, after all they also provide services, provides information. Therefore, according to service charges, it should be.

next, we talk about the ashes, ashes and students grew up on the disciple’s name has a unique hobby, where into its door, must have a "wind" name, what song Lingfeng, Chen Xuanfeng, and the palm of the super typhoon nine Yin bones. Now the ashes of students, the disciples over 10000, so Jin Yong’s novels do not know whether enough prawns. Dongxie childhood pleasure arena, specially rich, get a Alibaba, the rich people earn money, and then get a poor version of Taobao, so many years have no charge. So when evil makes sense, not evil and evil, so the river mouth that is quite good, this is not, I heard that some municipal cadres should learn to express


Er, although students talk about NANTEX, south side at the south corner, but he is ambitious, name Ma Huateng, is probably the Pegasus Hualong, soar mean. In this world, the monk is the most humble, can we should pay attention to, now the monks are the most wealthy, it is said that NANCAR little brother "Shaolin Temple" to be listed. The monk is the most can do business, what incense money (coins), merit wall (VIP services) this money is not to say, the monk building which many hundreds of games where the legitimate business, otherwise a believers come to burn incense Buddha, no entertainment, that is not too interesting.

finally, about the time, time for students, you may be controversial, you listen to our Qiemo anxious, slowly coming. Tiger poison does not eat the son, so strange in the tiger is not very capable. This time a story that he had not killed Taohua Island, silly not to waste the strange, left a blind man in here now Yahoo China tipped off others? Those students in order to go to the best in all the land, stirring stirring in the arena, from the Qihoo to the odd cool, so this guy is odd fun. I recently heard that his nephew Ouyang Ke (record) made a what Ucenter, NB, SNS of the killer ah, you do not say SNS, I >

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