Suddenly the lights in the duck

I’ve been in a lot of forums, and I can say that all the forums have tasted a little.

to tell the truth, the Yalu River is not the best forum, but it is my final resting place, I choose their place, because the Yalu River is really touched me!

but on sincerity and enthusiasm, I believe no one can come out of its right

I believe that the depth or breadth of technology or popularity or good, can be improved, duck green Jiangdu in progress, but for a forum, only the atmosphere is the most difficult to change.

the Yalu River has the most perfect atmosphere, I look forward to her future!

friends come to the Yalu River! It can make you feel the warmth of home!

if you do not see their own registration time I do not know what is the day of registration, because I have a habit, every forum to register a user name, maybe someday it will be used. I remember one day when I was looking for the the Yalu River forum, the the Yalu River medical forum. The Yalu River cracked forum is a forum with the same name in the Yalu River, what to do, huh, huh, I believe a lot of friends know, I do not say it. Anyway, came in at the time of the the Yalu River medical forum, conveniently registered an account, but did not know when the the Yalu River search so strong. The registration finished I’ll flash. Ha ha, here I would like to thank the the Yalu River bosses who did not put the members of the landing ID to delete, so I survived until now

looking back, is already at the end of July 2007 ad, in order to find a document, I travels to numerous hills and streams, travel over land and water left my footprints tramp over mountains and through ravines, in the numerous agency forum, like countless master prawns "kneel for *", "naked for", or even "naked for a world of ice and snow", to no avail. Finally, the wheel of history came to this day, which day?. It is an important day, I accidentally came to the Yalu River, where there are literature agent. No matter, no matter can not succeed, try to say, anyway, there is no hope, I have seen the fickleness of the world.


registered account, I was surprised to find his own account actually has been registered! My account is myself at a blind English word, the same probability of absolute less than 0.0000000001%. I wonder what time do you register with your password? A try, fainted on the spot, the original really registered! This is called back to the duck still lights

without demur, send help, of course, the heart is not hold much hope. Then edit post, I feel there is a wrong place, I can edit it, then send up, but this process is two or three minutes. The thing that surprised me happened, in the two or three minutes of time, the post has been back!

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