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Broadcastr site allows users to talk about their experience, to share the memorable place.



/ Ericka Chickowski

what is it?

it is a location based mobile phone program and web page. allows users to share the things that are important to them in the form of audio recording.

Hunter (Andy Hunter) (Scott Lindenbaum) together, in 2011 founded the Hunter said: "we are creating a system, in this system, all the people together, you can write a whole world each living history book." Broadcastr provides every kind of content to the user, from "a place of anecdotes, information and interesting story" to "some very serious historical records, such as" 9· "; 11" event.

how does it develop?

Hunter introduction, the number of stories submitted to them every month to keep the number of people to grow at a rate of 25%. Those who hear these stories are more likely to learn about the local anecdotes, and to make their sites more accessible and popular. People can listen to these local stories through iPhone and Android mobile phones, while listening to the content is based on the location of the phone to filter out. "If the user travels to another city, the content will be adjusted accordingly. The system is like a global tour guide, which is made by everyone."

how did it start?

Hunter and Linden Haim want to combine positioning technology with the fascinating stories. Hunter revealed his epiphany moment, is to see a person in to pole posted flyers at home. So I thought of the idea. At that moment I realized that we should be able to record all the unforgettable stories in their lives and share them with others. For example, you can share with someone where you propose to your spouse, or to tell you about the house you grew up, or you are a historian, so that those who lost the glory of the history of the place to shine again."


Hunter said, Broadcastr staff are seeking ways to generate revenue, first of all to find content sponsors. Broadcastr allows partners to pay for the use of the site’s ad. In addition, the company also provides some paid services to the story teller.

next step?

Broadcastr partners will be paid to the user to provide quality content. The most.

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