Cn founder Xu Jun the need to explain the domain name is not a good domain name

jointly organized by the owners of the home, easy network, laggards in 2011 in West Lake on the "convergence of power station owners, sharing entrepreneurial vitality" communication meeting held on May 14th, the meeting invited to Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang, CEO Li Zhiguo, phpwind small Austria game CEO Wang set, Pang Xiaowei, Bay of angel venture capital network a electronic commerce CEO Lin Zhenyu, Alipay’s chief designer white crow in Zhejiang such as well-known Internet guests, and attracted more than 600 Internet entrepreneurs and small website owners to participate in. On the entrepreneurial process and website profit development, team building and other entrepreneurial experience in-depth exchanges and discussion.

The following

Xu Jun speech shorthand content:

Xu Jun: Hello! First I as the founder of one of the organizers continued, welcome to all the guests here. Today I want to share with you is how to choose the domain name, let us look at the big screen on several domain names, the above domain name is one million of the price of the transaction, is certainly a good domain name. You have two names, is a jindong.coe, my two domain name is his parents gave him the name of good, one named Gao Peng, one named Liu Jingdong, I estimate the presence of a lot of people have this life, but now also want to register to register.

this time is very limited, some of the things I do not speak as much as possible, there is a need to emphasize that many people do not pay attention to the details, Typo domain name, called Typo, in our line refers to the line refers to the keyboard input wrong, we see a domain name, a domain name This domain name I believe everyone will say good, but his beginning very much, the domain name cacuminal, flat tongue, and a nasal will be wrong, if you register a domain name that is easy to produce Typo domain name, then you may want to have someone to send traffic for example, sougou webmaster, every day may get more than 50 thousand, because the wrong Sogou traffic, and the new Metersbonwe buy several domain names left old Zhang Zhaoyang, if you choose this later Domain name, the result may be the same tragedy, to spend a few million to buy authentic domain name.

here comes to business, people often take the domain name to call evaluation, I disdain those domain names, domain name is their own business, he will take over say a lot of reasons, the domain name is very good, we see a domain name, the domain name you to evaluate sleep well, certainly no one a good I explain to you, I gave him the name you are my only, but this is a junk domain to explain the domain names are junk domain.

we would also ask me, my eye is how the domain name domain name is good, I think there should be a value foundation, a single number you buy now, if I buy it from here, about 100 thousand can buy, put on

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