Two P2P site was hijacked domain name is pointing to Baidu

according to DoNews November 6th news (reporter Xiao Kefeng) in November 6th, according to DoNews users reflect, Beijing Netcom 5 evening failure, resulting in BtChina and VeryCD P2P sites are all pointing to the Baidu home page two.

the friends said, from November 5th 21:00, when Beijing Netcom ADSL users access to BTChina and VeryCD, the system will automatically jump to the Baidu home page, and this failure continues to 6 in the morning before being returned to normal.

reporter learned that a number of users in Beijing also reflects the situation in the forum. VeryCD forum relevant responsible person, this is the case of Beijing Netcom routing level hijacking, VeryCD site itself and its regional DNS and no problems.

Beijing Netcom technical service staff said that the current part of the P2P site does have some problems, but he did not disclose the specific reasons, but the user is recommended to refresh the page when there is a problem.

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