Financial network domain name TOP50 list 6 types of domain name Gexianshentong


domain name on the Internet as a business representative, at the same time, the enterprise is also a value of assets, many enterprises pay more attention to the domain name today, Caixin revision upgrade enabled the new financial Larry domain, it is a big concern, financial website also joined the ranks of heavy, many domestic financial industry website domain name, types, below from Alexa last January to understand the types of financial website ranking domain.


figure: Alexa January rankings

two domain names prominent before the famous 10

financial channel Top50 website ranking on the list of the top 10 websites in the domain name, the 4 is the use of two domain names, domain names are the main use of the two level domain website has rich resources, such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, and known as the "Chinese four portal", it’s the the financial channel has a very good rankings, sina ranked second, QQ financial financial NetEase ranked third, ranked sixth, ranking seventh is financial channel domain

domain name is still popular

phonetic domain due to its habit of growing concern with people, good domain name lies in the site application and bring traffic revenue as a platform to enable good Pinyin domain name of the site for high flow is the best proof. This ranking Pinyin domain name ranked first in the recent January financial website domain name list TOP50, visible, occupy the influence of domain name. The use of phonetic domain financial channel website and financial network,.COM Caixun Larry domain, a financial network, sunflower insurance network, and in addition, Caixin acquired CN Larry domain

financial network creative domain number more than

creativity everywhere, simple numbers plus English or Pinyin abbreviations and English, it is also possible to increase the number of Pinyin abbreviations, etc.. Each of the creative domain name reflects the idea of a founder of the site, need to slowly realize. In this kind of professional financial point to strong website, creative domain popular, the top 50 financial websites in 19 using a creative domain name. As the international financial times ranked fifth (Chinese network) gold online tenth, ranking twenty-fourth in the panorama network domain name, treasury stock network, FT network Chinese etc..

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