Want to change the nternet from the new second workplace Reds must know these 10 questions

from the end of April to the present, there are often some mentees, and read my article on the new, help me, recommend them to the Internet Co practice; or, to share some experience in the workplace as a reference. So, I sprouted a little impulse to write something. In fact, as a very young Internet veteran, I do share, also hope that some suggestions of their heart, can help you take some detours I had ever experienced; of course, a little ugly may sometimes.

first of all I want to say that the Internet is indeed worthy of your participation in the industry.

focus on economic shoes may know, Caixin think-tank moneta large data combined with company BBD released NEI (China new economic index), last month was 30.1%, namely the new economy in China accounted for 30% of the total. In other words, the new economy represented by the high human capital investment, high-tech investment, light assets, is gradually replacing the old economy, become the key driver of China’s economic development. Since the release of NEI, the leader in the new economy has always been a new generation of information technology and information services industry, accounting for about 10%. Of course, by feeling, but also know how hot the Internet now.

at the same time, in the entire Internet industry, the most popular product area. Product manager, product operations, visual design and interaction design, known as the Internet technology post four kings. Among them, the most popular product manager.

coincidentally, when I get in the problem, the most is on the product manager. This really praise the contribution of the Internet to young people, so that information is more symmetrical and efficient. The most obvious manifestation is that compared with when I read, now college students and newcomers, not only a wider source of information, ambition is also greater. To be honest, to guide properly, then this B is a good thing.

so I took all the collected questions and sorted out the 10 most representative ones. On the basis of self reference, some from the product manager do CEO Liu Wenzhi teacher for the past two years new products, to help you a helping hand.

a, Internet Product Manager, now in the end how much fire?

a vivid: "wonderful" chestnuts in the variety show how the fire? Female anchor to live how the fire? TFBoys, Li Yifeng, deer Hanzhi in showbiz is how the fire? Product manager in the Internet circle is fire! As the workplace popular small fresh meat, in accordance with the "Internet plus" momentum on the position of gold seckill minutes of civil servants.

two, Internet Product Manager, the future in the end how much?

don’t say you don’t know Jobs, Zuckerberg,, and Zhang Xiaolong…… Line saying "product manager is CEO, the specific circumstances of preschool" although the need to dialectical view, but including my brother, two years ago, choose to do product manager, are now mixed fast. WeChat circle of friends, not every day >

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