About Godaddy’s P was sealed event view

recently foreign GoDaddy company (website: www.godaddy.com) blocked IP a few, if it is to buy a foreign space friend who may feel more deeply, especially to foreign space, but also is the major service groups of friends, GoDaddy speed was not very fast, static pages HTML SEO will not generate, search hard to do more than others, I worked for more than a month, only flow from the frame (my friend black a local station to my hanging) the daily flow of more than and 50 IP~ to the later 100+ traffic every day! Most of them are from Baidu, is preparing to enjoy the fruits of hard farming, but Godaddy IP has been closed! For a IP second days, has been sealed, and another letter, for more than 10 IP, no one is more than 2 IP can be closed with an angel The main reason! IP I guess nothing more than 2 Olympic Games and the Wenchuan ~! Foreign domestic space does not have legal constraints in the management, so there are some ZZ such as color stand out speech is more and more, and especially in China such a difficult year of net inspect to! Relatively hard, so start a IP station, other people have been implicated in other people, he also changed, he changed a letter A, have been implicated in others, has been so basically to Chinese on GoDaddy’s IP basic letter! But it is a good thing a few trash! * * * station, more pure network, do stand or do something! The wise Challenges make a nation much stronger., Prime Minister! We also need to be considered, it is necessary to remember that the rise and fall of the country, my responsibility! Everyone said, my nation Responsibility, China must be the strongest!!

seems to digress, recently blocked IP letter to want to cry! Depressed dead, forgive me. Now only from scratch, or the domestic good, the Chinese, with Chinese goods!

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