14 million express user privacy streaking how big data encryption

14 million user information was stolen and sold, in the staff seems to be not news".

in the courier industry, this kind of thing has been going on for many years, can not cure." In August 15th, Lee Kang looked indifferent told reporters. Lee before the operation of a regional courier company, has worked with the Shanghai Express and other independent courier companies and electricity providers have a website. In his view, the user information was leaked is not surprising.

courier company has the user information including the receipt and delivery of both sides of the name, address, phone number and courier items. Li Kang said that the information is generally divided into two forms, one is stored in the courier company’s server, and the other is the face of a single (express).

"no matter what kind of way, are easy to be leaked." Li Kang said.

express industry data chaos

development of the electricity supplier to bring rapid development of the courier industry, but also makes the courier company has become one of the largest number of users of personal information after the Internet giant has one of the roles. At present, SF has started using big data layout O2O business, namely by the order structure of a regional analysis, targeted to build stores (hey) and shelves of goods.

big data concept in the ascendant, the user’s name, phone number, address, etc. become the most basic part of the big data. With the development of electricity providers, Internet banking, enterprises in the collection of these user information is more efficient, comprehensive, and storage and analysis of these data, in order to achieve business objectives. However, the data security has often become part of the neglect of enterprises.

Li Kang said that big data is a double-edged sword, with a good efficiency can be improved, by using the criminals, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate, and in the domestic courier industry, the importance of data security is not enough.

According to Li Kang

, in addition to Shen Tong, Tong, tact, rhyme, Huitong (hereinafter referred to as the "four up") and SF, each region has scattered tens of thousands of large and small courier company, and the management is not standardized, and user information is streaking in this network "Its loopholes appeared one after another".

Li Kang had about 1000000 yuan to buy Shanghai a regional franchise rights, responsible for the area of the sto billing and acquiring business. When the delivery order, the user information will be explicitly communicated to the company’s computer, and this part of the data can be stored for a long time. On the other hand, the order of the end of the return of the distribution of single face (display user information) is also concentrated in the company. He said, and electricity supplier website cooperation, but also a similar model, electricity providers and courier companies to share data.

Li Kang said that some large courier companies have provisions, the face of a single time to focus on the destruction of the data in the computer should be regularly cleaned, but in practice, these Regulations are difficult to binding. For example, the data on the presence of a computer’s hard disk, a courier can be retrieved at any time; surface treatment is a single problem, every year "

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