WeChat and a large number of public advertising ban

from micro-blog @ Gong Wenxiang broke the news, WeChat 17, and large-scale Tencent WeChat advertising ban public number: "Gong teacher, yesterday WeChat has a large number of letters sent account, mostly watch ads, many of the first hair, this morning show was closed for seven days, but today at noon and display a permanent ban, many people can not accept, now blocked group has gathered five or six people! Many do account for nearly a year


all the WeChat public number will pick advertising through the wide point, your ad will be secretly connected to the permanent title, heart full of waste.

@ Lu Zhenwang: estimated after the scale of marketing model to use WeChat to sell will be blocked, you be careful! The successful model of the past, today is death mode.

@ Binbin life: preliminary statistics measurement currently banned blocked millions of public number should be far more than the actual powder, a lot of people are not to pick up the fake ads directly blocked by WeChat! So many marketing don’t know personal opinion: even if decide on what path to follow, the cognizance of a violation, the Tencent should give a chance!

@M3MStudio: I have never thought of doing marketing platform, is your own wishful thinking that take advantage of, now seems to blame very very innocent look…… Friendly reminder: all platforms are passive, including micro-blog, the so-called self media, unless the self built only self……


@MR advertising is supposed to be an important part of the advertising revenue and fees, is the media, to the east of us as an example, when advertising list more, plus an advertising to the layers of approval, extremely difficult. That is, fear of affecting the user to read the feelings, but also the original charge of the customer. If you open a page, full screen advertising, who comes to your site, WeChat is also the case.

latest news:

102 WeChat public platform from the media who combined sound: strongly condemned the Tencent WeChat Team @ @ WeChat public platform not directly notify permanent title of the act! In April 16th, 102 people from the media, two hundred accounts, involving 9 million subscribers, can not be appealed, without any prompting, too late to say goodbye, covering nearly ten million subscribers account so suddenly disappear! Tencent heinous acts such power


@ blue whale finance reporter working platform: a reporter from the media business for eight months, the monthly income of 60 thousand, the resignation of dry, because many people report, account was canceled last week, now kudiehanniang in… Several depression… //@ Yang Yue Yang Yue: Notice is not the same, this problem is not in the notification without notice, nor can complaints, as long as you commit a did not ask you to the platform, not out of minutes? From what the media, since the media is not know what is the man out of you the media.

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