Rural nternet observation the fragmentation of the city is still expanding


1, Internet penetration rate is very low, the traditional way of life is still

to our production team, for example, there are about more than and 30 households, but there are computers in the home as far as I know only 3, networking of the 1. The common feature is that everyone in the family went to college, the computer is the University of time to stay "property". The only computer connected to the Internet is a neighbor of mine, because he works in the urban area of Changsha, to do the work of computer hardware, home to go home at night, the need to maintain a computer and online contact with customers. We are more than and 30 years old in the village work and recreation is playing mahjong, and this way, how many years are so. They don’t know much about computers, and it’s hard to learn in their minds. It can be seen that the level of education is positively related to the popularity of the Internet in rural areas.

2, mobile Internet access in the 80 after 90 is very common, but the use of a single and very little traffic

may not be popular in rural areas of the computer, but the mobile Internet is still very common, especially in 80 after 90 people. Among them, the mobile phone QQ is the first major application, followed by a UC browser to read novels. However, we are using the 2G network, the majority of traffic packages in 30M, less than 50M, so the mobile phone Internet to form a great restriction, they particularly care about the use of traffic, can be used to describe the stingy. To my brother as an example, I gave him a smart mobile phone, but because of excessive consumption of traffic, he still bought a feature phone before, and put aside without intelligent mobile phone.

3, the function of mobile phones in the group after the use of universal


although the phone has been very common in rural areas, but in the age of 30 or more people in the mainstream functional machine. The main use of telephone, SMS rarely used in parents crowd, is not good at typing, this feature is particularly evident in the rural users; in addition, the intelligent mobile phone in the middle of them is still not popular, mobile phone access to the Internet for them and to check things. The 80 generation of mobile phone users in the replacement of the new phone will generally choose the smart machine, but the traffic will still limit their mobile Internet time.

4, WeChat, micro-blog use and education level is closely related to

first, I would like to talk about my high school, junior high school students. Most of them are college degree or above, the work is stable, in the bank and the government, institutions of the main. This time I came back to the party, I found that they are basically smart phones, but also loaded with WeChat, micro-blog. Compared with micro-blog, WeChat use a little more, but still not frequent, contact is still the main phone or text messages. To play mahjong together, chat in the process I found more than and 10 people, no one through the WeChat voice, occasionally something is contacted by telephone, unlike in Beijing everywhere with the mouth at the mobile phone voice of the people, the differences are very obvious.

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