51CEO Pang Shengdong Jiayuan CEO chat community development financing


Ponzi 51.com CEO

The new

Internet legend, born 77 years, farm boy.

started by personal website, 6 years with the Internet accumulated ten million yuan of assets, spent $980 thousand to buy the 51.com domain name, set up a community of friends with a number of about 10000000 users platform.

2007 in April, his website 51.com get $10 million investment from Intel and other investment funds.

Gong Haiyan Jiayuan CEO

is known as "the first network matchmaker"


Gong Haiyan grew up poor, studious, once because of poverty and crash out of school to work for three years, after the return to the high school campus, at the age of 23 in the county arts champion China scores were admitted to the Department of language and literature of Peking University.

graduated after admission to Fudan University School of journalism graduate direction for media management.

two research through market research deeply, founded Jiayuan dating sites, for the well-being of the world alone.


Cheng Ling Feng NetEase science and technology channel editor

news background:

a message, the data show that China currently has 79 independent sites, more than 80% of the independent community. However, about 50% of the revenue from the network community still comes from advertising, a single profit model. The survey also showed that 47% of the community site is expected to be less than $1000 in revenue in 2006, accounting for the proportion of the total income of the site of no less than $14.9%. It can be said that more than half of the community site is still not found profitable way.

The other two

news, May 9th news, the domestic SNS community website 51.com CEO Pang Shengdong for the first time to the science and technology NetEase confirmed that the company has received from Intel, Sequoia China funds totaling tens of millions of dollars of investment risk. In May 22nd, pass the dating community site Jiayuan, obtained before the venture investment of millions of dollars.


side is on the Web2.0 industry’s cold, the other side is like Jiayuan, 51.com recently got a huge investment risk, look at the domestic and international community sites in the United States, a piece of scenery, however, always can’t make money. How to do in the community website in China to win the attention of venture capital, China’s community sites should be in what direction.

5 on the evening of 26 20:00, we invited to 51.com CEO Pang Shengdong, Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan guest hosted the South IT NetEase Technology Salon, face-to-face communication with the South IT industry, the NetEase will provide live video broadcast technology.

AD[also released a salon advertising: Pang Shengdong through the NetEase technology for the broadcast, 51.com is now in urgent need of a large number of excellent

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