Some experience of building personal website

      for more than two years of personal website, more or less have some station experience, to take this opportunity to share with you. I will according to different stages of the establishment of the experience to talk about my experience:????
      planning period:

      a successful personal website, the preparatory work is very important, good start is half the success. There are two major issues to consider at this stage:

      1, the location of the site: the choice of the theme of the future direction of development has a decisive impact, to consider what to do to make the content. A lot of friends in the early site always love the accumulation of a large number of interested content on the page, but the person’s energy is limited, because of inability to maintain and result in a site update slowly, such as lack of content, and select a theme, make their own style, does not seek large, but for small and fine.

      2, the choice of space: the majority of personal websites are still using free space. There are a lot of free homepage space on the Internet, but there are not many real stable and fast ones, choose the site with good reputation to submit the application, and then do the further test until the ideal space is selected. Do not look down on this step, I walked on the road, due to the slow speed of the server used before instability and lost some supporters. When your site has a considerable number of stable users, eager to further development, you can consider the use of paid space and apply for top-level domain name.
      construction period:

      choose the direction, it is necessary to work hard for the goal. For a successful webmaster, proficient in web design and graphics processing skills is a must, but experience is obtained in actual combat, beginners do not therefore fear, a lot of practice will improve. The most important thing is the construction site two problems: the design and content of the preparation of the material is the result of our days and months multiplying, mainly talk about design.

      1, design requirements:

      first, navigation clear, the layout is reasonable, clear, the link layer of the page is not too deep, as far as possible for users to use the shortest time to find the required information;

      second, style unity: to maintain a unified style, help to deepen the visitors to your site. To achieve the unity of style, do not have to do exactly the same for each column, for example, you can

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