Xiangeqing Nora ghost pass the process of acquisition of market expectations

[Abstract] more and more evidence that Nora and xiangeqing relationship is not simple.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 8th

trouble between Nora and urgently seeking "transformation xiangeqing sentiment", although Nora has not responded by the acquisition rumors, xiangeqing also repeatedly clarified that the company and the company did not negotiate over Nora matters of the company for the acquisition of equity.

, however, more and more evidence that Nora and xiangeqing relationship is not simple. The day before the financial weekly reported, a number of employees over our contractual relationship with Nora, re signed a labor contract with a company called CAT technology company.

is responsible for the signing of the contract player Nora technician. While the cat technology is xiangeqing two months before the new joint venture. Xiangeqing cat holds 51% stake, xiangeqing cat is through the acquisition of Nora, progress faster than market expectations.

for the current Nora facing the rumors of the sale of Tencent technology call Nora CEO Wang Xin (micro-blog), the other phone has been turned off, a fast investors in Tencent and many phone calls, SMS reply 2 words: "low-key".

is considered as xiangeqing transformation disease TouYi

as early as the end of June, the market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality (SIPO) to Nora issued 260 million yuan ticket, the Tencent had exclusive coverage of science and technology, Nora is seeking to sell, an actively seeking transformation and the suspension of the company is working with our contact.

the positive transformation and the suspension of the company is xiangeqing. The results, xiangeqing 2013 operating income of 802 million yuan, down 41.19%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of -5.64 billion yuan, down 788.86%.


show the urgency in the transformation of the road. Though not approved, but xiangeqing chairman Meng Kai said that under the market environment changes, such as sticking xiangeqing catering industry will "die"; public opinion questioned and puzzled for xiangeqing "never mind".

commercial value is mainly reflected in three aspects: 1, game business;, P2P technology; 3, user groups. The powerless in the catering business xiangeqing main business has been gradually transformed into new media, big data, and environmental protection. In May this year, xiangeqing launched a $3 billion 600 million financing plan, mainly for investment in new Internet media market.

analysis, xiangeqing, the latter can be achieved through the acquisition of Nora in the new media on demand technology and Nora small square set-top box technology, through the new media and traditional media entrance. There is also the view that xiangeqing is disease TouYi in transformation.

astronomical penalties behind Nora turbulent

fast self purification action network has suffered heavy losses, not only is a value-added telecommunications business license revoked.

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