Baidu accelerate music smart DNS upgrade to achieve multi line coverage

Baidu accelerated music since its release to the present 2 years, designed to serve the owners group. From the free anti DDOS attack, anti hacker attacks, Trojan horse protection, to provide free website CDN acceleration, intelligent DNS, favor and trust Baidu acceleration music has been well received by the webmaster. Today, Xiao Bian learned from Baidu music to accelerate the upgrade of the DNS message, presumably it will make the acceleration music fans lifted.


Xiao Bian learned that before the upgrade Baidu acceleration music only supports DNS Telecom, Unicom, mobile three lines, and the upgraded version adds search engine, Tietong, and foreign education network line, which provides more solutions for multi line combination station. And through the mix with the optimization of DNS multi line analysis of the problem, to provide a better service to accelerate the webmaster.

now, let’s take a look at some of the new features of the upgrade. First of all, the upgraded Baidu DNS accelerated music can be achieved within 2 minutes of intelligent multi line settings. The other homogeneous products on the network to achieve this feature, you must modify the domain name NS address can be achieved, and the need for 72 hours to set the time. 2 minutes of intelligent operation PK72 hours of waiting for long time, presumably you have to upgrade after the start of the music unlimited expectations. However, it is more than that to make you happy!

upgrade version of the accelerated music also achieved some of the speed of the line. Let Xiaobian for example, you can see light suddenly


if your site uses a telecommunications server, telecommunications users access time is very fast, Netcom users access is very slow. And you just want to change the speed of access to telecommunications users, you just need to use the new upgrade to accelerate the pace of music Netcom line can be achieved.

in the content of the upgrade, there is little to make small series is very concerned about, it is the new search engine lines. The use of this circuit can be configured by the webmaster friends personalized search engine crawlers, so that the search engine to accelerate, or back to the source server, you can easily get. There is only one, how to search engine on how to set up, my site I call the shots.

general, Baidu acceleration music DNS upgrade, is a mature team service mechanism of heart works. It also reflects the Baidu acceleration music has always been the most ridiculous for the owners to provide a safe and secure service determination. Listen to a small so rough introduction, you are not to accelerate Le DNS upgrade more interested? Welcome from Baidu acceleration music website ( to understand the details.

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