Huang Xiangru the core standard of network marketing

now as the core of electronic commerce network marketing, set off a wave of new construction site, most of the former enterprise website only focus on display, marketing is not strong, but in today’s enterprise construction site more consideration is marketing, marketing oriented website can be better for enterprises to create greater interest. According to the statistical analysis of the Network Marketing Institute, the most significant reference to the marketing of the reference standards are the following ten.

, a convenient and easy to maintain website content management system

enterprise website construction has experienced a HTML pure static pages, dynamic ASP page, the first one is conducive to optimization, but not conducive to maintenance, the latter is conducive to maintenance, but not conducive to optimization. Now you need to be able to operate the dynamic background, and the foreground can generate static html. Convenient and easy to manage the website system, can reduce the maintenance costs of enterprises, increase the content of the site to maintain the shortcut.

two, friendly user experience

is the first to emphasize the marketing website is for the purpose of marketing website, should adopt div and CSS structure, reduce the speed of the open web page, clear navigation, no dead links, good links between pages.

three, good search engine performance

search engine as an important way to promote the site, in the construction of enterprise website to consider whether the search engine has a good performance, each page should have the corresponding title, key words, description.

four, good content support

for the marketing type website, must have the good website content, can better promote the customer to further understand the product or the service, the customer common question solution, these contents may enhance the work efficiency high.

five, powerful online communication function

for the marketing of the site, to take advantage of the interactivity of the network, better for marketing services, online QQ, online customer service, online message reply.

six, perfect website monitoring

as a marketing type website, website monitoring perfect, source of the website, the customer information detailed statistics is particularly important, so you can keep track of customer trends, for the enterprise website performance statistics, but also can be used in the later website further adjustment and improvement.

seven, a relatively high degree of customer trust

enterprise website, to improve their credibility, such as the relevant documents and certificates, the relevant media reports, business address and product pictures, and the previous user’s case, should be placed on the website, customers on the website, the website can you trust consumption.

eight, detailed contact information

for the marketing of the site, to have detailed contact information, the map of the address, to facilitate contact with customers and find businesses.

nine, online payment and

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