This may be an occasion to marketing the interpretation of the heart

we do not remember the beginning of the year WeChat pushed a red photo features. There may be a lot of people are paying to see someone else’s photos, I was also follow suit to play a bit, in a circle of friends made a proud of their photos, but also received more than and 100 dollars.

it is very interesting, I was finished after the photos commented, "this is the first time I wear a skirt, the fact is that I really wear a skirt, a lot of people have visible contrast things is still very curious.

the reason why WeChat will do the red photo function, mainly is to rally. Because at that time, Alipay and the Spring Festival Gala reached an exclusive cooperation. So, in order to WeChat for his campaign before the festival, do the red photo this function to detonate the circle of friends. Allow users to return to play red envelopes on WeChat, improve the activity and viscosity WeChat red.

this is an occasion to marketing, called a model of

at that time, there are a lot of people with a lot of red photo analysis, there are 100 thousand +. Of course, to the occasion to promote their own brand. These are considered to be the primary play. Later in the year, a company borrows red photo made a product. It is a new product launch on the value of knowledge, the launch of the night, the circle of friends scraper, is really wonderful and red pictures of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. How do you want to play


you can write some interesting or valuable information, you can hide this information directly. Will become like a scratch card. You can set a value for this information, that is, how much money. Others want to see, must pay to see the content. For example, someone knows a certain kind of gossip news, he wanted to break the news, you can pass the value of almost, let others pay to see this news.

in the value of the inside, knowledge has become a realizable way. This is a very advanced occasion to occasion, made the new creative products.

is an occasion to marketing, what time node



in addition to this occasion advanced technique, good marketing occasion should pay attention to what the different node hot events occur?

(hot period prior to the occurrence of false start within 12 hours)

this time, you can do some preparation before the hot spots, because some of the hot spots can be expected in advance. You can do a lot of things in 12 hours. And many brands are doing it. For example, the bid for the Winter Olympics in Beijing. You can do a warm-up before the Winter Olympics to win the election, do some activities, so that we vote to support the success of the Olympic bid.

and last year’s parade on the hot, it is foreseeable can not do to advance? Is also possible, when a company made a H5. The main content of this H5 is to praise China, for

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