Let’s forget to search it three tips to share

recently a lot of friends to my reaction, they stood by Baidu to K, because a lot of room was closed, many sites open, and then to the sealing of the Baidu, for many people, this is undoubtedly a fatal blow. Many owners of these sites began unable to get up after a fall, do a few years, almost all of the traffic comes from search engines such as Baidu, a K, for them is almost devastating.

I just began to stand, so, basically, are going to see the Baidu ranking these data every day, then my ranking has not changed, but the traffic and telephone consultation but more and more, slowly began to fade ranking concept. To sum up, is undoubtedly the use of several common common methods, and these methods are very effective, my purpose is very simple, that is, slowly forget the search, while ignoring the search, traffic growth as usual.

1, licensed mail.

We recommend

resume regularly to our members, we recommend to individual member positions, so virtually increase the number of individuals and businesses for the site of the viscosity, of course, we also consider providing more information to the individual and corporate members, thereby locking users on our website. If you want to do long-term stand, it is recommended that you do not easily use the non license mail marketing and publicity.

2, QQ group exchange.

through the creation of groups, we provide our individual members with immediate job recruitment information, and business needs. At the same time to help our job seekers to solve the problems encountered in the process of finding a job. For corporate membership, we also establish a real-time communication in the channel, but the enterprise members still have to be careful with group communication, after all, the situation of each enterprise is different, so their experience is not the same, so long as there is a business experience is not good, their words will affect other enterprises. So we are the first to use individual job seekers to do the experiment. At the same time, we also carried out a simulation of recruitment, which is a member of give us advice, we promptly adopted by the group, and to simulate the recruitment, a few days later, we simulated the interviewer told me, she was admitted to our simulation unit, ask questions are asked us to simulate the the problem of simulation has become a reality.

3, soft Wen promotion.


you are using, I set up a series of blog and SNS promotion channel for our station, the early effect is not very obvious, but we have accumulated a chain of more than 3 thousand in a short period of time, it is mostly through the soft bring. But as long as you continue to do, then believe that in 3 years, will form a strong collection of the chain, so that no matter how the search engine changes, search engines to find our way will be more, ha ha. Careless mention of search engine. So here to emphasize is that forget the search engine is not really ignore the search, but from the long-term considerations to do optimization.

a lot of optimization

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