On the five ways to promote the joke website

now on the Internet, as long as you want to get the site types are. Each site in the early stages of promotion, and different types of sites due to the different content, the promotion is not the same. Here, I will choose to do a joke about the website promotion method!

as the main content of this kind of website is in the main text, so it was also called the station, it belongs to pure entertainment and gossip nature of the site, although the ranking is not good, but the push of the channel or a lot, I will summarize my personal for this kind of website promotion methods:

a blog

blogs are usually people who have enough time to surf the Internet, and they, like me, like to steal a little bit of lazy, see news, entertainment gossip, jokes, etc.. So, with the promotion of the blog is very good to meet the psychology of this kind of computer family.

in the use of blog promotion, the promotion of the main content of entertainment and leisure, happy joke. You can also use the title of the party’s approach, because the nature of this entertainment site is not the concept of conversion rate, the purpose is to more people to browse, earn a few advertising costs. So it can be appropriate to cheat people, as long as not too much on the line.

in the end of the article with a block of the original chain, so that one can import traffic, on the other hand can also increase the number of chain. The bottom plus a hot recommendation or related Bowen and so on, the link to the site’s internal page, the text of the link to use the title of the article, you can also modify the title of the party. This can increase the length of the internal page long tail, but also can increase the amount of internal pages.

two, micro-blog


in the past two years is a new product, but it is definitely a burst of red product, so do micro-blog can’t be ignored, micro-blog’s forwarding function is to do pay special attention to the promotion of website joke.

is a micro-blog produced for entertainment and leisure tools, so the joke website also especially suitable to use micro-blog to promote, in a promotion, we can select the most as a classic in a joke, not too full, leave a little suspense, it will be more attractive. A classic or funny content in micro-blog by chance someone forwarded is quite high, but micro-blog promotion can not be too original, do not blindly copy the contents of their site, classic, funny things online search a lot, always someone not seen, that is equal to the original. And because a joke site to the chain, and the flow rate of.

three, SNS community

SNS community is a very popular place to reprint, specific practices and blog almost. The only difference is that the blog can be very good for the site to increase the chain, and the SNE community has no effect. So, as far as possible to promote the use of the original blog or pseudo original, and here we should try to bias the classic, funny, philosophical text, to the outside of the chain, >

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