User needs are sometimes not what the user wants

found an intermediary to see the house, after reading the original agreement, tenants have failed to move home, a variety of coordination, is what we want to intermediary aunt promised what, say what is what the original tenants, eventually took two, because the promise did not complete, always said in uncertainty can not cash.

this intermediary aunt called no backbone, holding a reel right and left, "save" the purpose, but also had forgotten their original intention.

products did not cater to the needs of users on the road, a taste of the end users want and lopsided.

talk about Alipay’s professional blessing "meet"

carried out in social this way, Alipay’s heart, it is known to all. In five in 2015, Alipay has successfully raised the public’s appetite, successful users have 270+ yuan red envelopes full of joy, but in 2016, Alipay in order to comply with public opinion, a large number of "professional blessing" and "thrown crackling wannengfu", let Alipay became a target for all the good fortune, "200 million" two years later, finally landed in the "1.88 yuan, 2.58 yuan" mud.

play is really dedicated to Wu Fu Fu? What about international joke! Love is integrated, that gives people the joy of the big red envelopes of cash, such as playing the lottery surprise, Alipay in 2015 and speculation "set only 2 Yuan Fu split hand" successfully gives users a surprise, to in 2016 just as the implementation of probation.

blindly cater to the user’s request, and can not realize Alipay’s "chasing social mind, on the other hand, if Alipay caters to users of the lion big openings, let alone 200 million, 20 billion is also difficult to fill the appetite of the user, perhaps in 2016 Fu Alipay also had expected another treatment this means a rule


anyway, blindly cater to the user’s appetite is not desirable.

in short, do not be too obsessed with user needs, and sometimes cater to the user and can not get what you want, and sometimes even users do not know what they want. Operators need to do, is standing in the fog of supreme leader is.

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