And ready to open the shop to share my business promotion experience

Amoy cargo network opened for a while, I believe we are looking for the market. I am in this state, but I am not worried. You will ask me: "operating independent shop, no one to buy your baby, why not hurry ah?" I want to tell you is: the more you worry, the more you do not have customers. You have to learn how to promote their products, but your products must pass oh. Otherwise, people will think that although the cheap stuff on Taobao, but your Dongdong that expensive, but not cheap goods. If you let people have the feeling, then leave a near.

we get when we advertise their products must have. For example, let me give you an example of it, we may know that the current Moutai wine is famous, I’ll tell you how it is known.

Moutai did not have any fame. On one occasion, the representative of the factory to take it to participate in the New Delhi World Cup held in India. The Expo brings together the world’s famous drinks. And the world famous wine brands will never give up such a good opportunity. Moutai is the first exhibition. Rent this booth, is a big expense. But manufacturers believe that as long as it can improve visibility, it is worth. However, in the face of French champagne and other western traditional alcoholic beverages, people from China’s Moutai wine exhibition, simply dismissive. The first day of the exhibition, Moutai No one shows any interest in wine. In the face of such an embarrassing situation, Moutai exhibition staff anxious to turn around, they are determined to reverse the situation in the cold. Then, after second days of the exhibition, when faced with the flow peak, the staff who took a bottle of wine Moutai went to the central hall, filled with accidentally in the stream of people it will be "hit the fan" in. Suddenly, the whole hall full of Moutai wine. Visitors to the exhibition were immediately attracted by the smell that had never been seen before, and they were curious to find out what the brand was. Moutai exhibition staff to seize this opportunity to introduce visitors to Moutai liquor. Soon, Moutai platform attracted a large number of visitors. The day of the exhibition caused a sensation, the news media also fashion, have been reported. As a result, Moutai won the gold medal at the exhibition. From now on, it is worth a hundred times.

so, who heads a new push to promote their products, their products can be famous. If you have a good product, that is a very painful thing No one shows any interest in. This shows your own sales or did not learn, of course, not the sales but they find out, get out of this by experience.

and I thought of a promotion a few days ago, I hope to share experience with you. I see the tea market is not very good, they began to think if you let people buy tea, others certainly do not want it, because you want to spend money. Moreover, we do not think that is to buy other people can not know if your tea is not the quality of clearance, others do not dare to buy ah. Moreover, today >

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