The future of network promotion the perfect combination of advertising and art

network promotion is a kind of advertising, but also a kind of art, network promotion of the master, will be the perfect combination of advertising and art, and finally achieve a stunning effect. How to achieve the perfect combination of advertising and art? Here need to be integrated from the following points.

1: product art. If only a teapot, we all know to drink tea, but if Yixing teapot, many people will say it is art. It is also a teapot, why the difference? The reason lies in the fine! The teapot with the material, and all have very high work stress, and this recognition has become the consensus of all the insiders, which formed the brand. So, fine refinement, the normal things up to the level of fine, perhaps this is art.

2: soft art. If it is a soft Wen, that we only know that it is soft. If it is the story of the soft, many people will think it is a story. For example, I know a case, so popular novels, which implanted a lot of advertising. However, this novel is surprisingly hot, so soft Wen can also be artistic, story. A novel with the ideological content, it rose to the height of art.

3: picture art. Often we will see that in the promotion of online games, there are some very cute four comic, and some are a small story, some of the description of a small scene. We also see a lot of pictures have been added to the watermark, but the master of the watermark, more like a kind of art, the watermark will not affect the image of the aesthetic, but also to attract the public eye. The same is a promotional picture, but made into a cartoon, or add advanced watermark, art processing, then this is not an ordinary picture.

4: audio art. In fact, the audio promotion law, has long been used. What? Haven’t you met? I think we’ve all heard the radio. A lot of times some songs, but also in front of a dialogue, which is one of the audio promotion. What does this have to do with art? Just a few more words, for art. Know some of the inside mall selling voice broadcast, but these sounds were softened, with the background music, it is easy to accept. This is the art of audio. Maybe I make a stand up comedy, and then implanted in advertising, that is a very good way.

5: video art. Video art, we must see more. The case too numerous to mention the Internet, no more brother explained.

The promotion of the

network itself is an art, who can use the art to the promotion of the process, soundless and stirless achieve our objective of promoting, perhaps we do a lot of friends to research the promotion.

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