Summary of actual combat on the brand building of micro blog


, referred to as – collar, is a new type of blog, blog is simply a word. Everyone in the blog to say a word, and then you can comment and reprint.


collar profit model is not clear, but each big portal has put like a raging fire collar business, all kinds of collar like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge in front of people. As a promotion personnel, of course, I will not put my eyes on this new network platform. Here in this several days of collar promotion make a summary.


, a scarf.


mainstream Sina, whisper, Tencent etc.. So I will only for the three collar for my promotion (Note: Tencent still grave test, so the invitation code. I think the promotion of the website) is "" because it is a special study in the United States and returned the business consulting website, so the positioning in the target population is about 90 of the students and some people living overseas. The main selection of some related to study abroad and overseas several channels.

two, the collar promotion need to pay attention to the following:

1, the language should be superb, short. It’s better to have some controversy, so you can take this topic up.

2, celebrity celebrity blog. The scarf was so popular is because there are some celebrity blog in the scarf. It is possible that because of the simple words of a celebrity, it will bring a lot of repercussions.

3, attention and interaction. Want to let others pay attention to you, then you have to pay the same attention in others, let people feel that he has been to your attention, which can improve relations with each other, can keep each other long involved in your topic.

4, focus on popular topics and popular channel. For example, a few days before the Beijing auto show, World Expo, Yushu earthquake, was a hot topic on the collar. Faster rising popularity topic view the collar, try to hold more rapid rise of the topic, plays an important role in the channel, so the best effect. In the relevant channel can excite readers is published some resonant collar language, the harvest is very rich. For example, some time ago to fire a word "earthquake expert announcement: tonight to tomorrow, no shock will not shock the earthquake, earthquake, earthquake after the earthquake many didn’t know how many times after the earthquake, earthquake, will tell you, please rest assured. Afraid to go out to sleep, not afraid to sleep at home, do not have nothing to spread rumors, we engage in terror. The excess of the house as soon as possible, the earthquake came to know that the original real estate will move, and move up scary! "

three, promotion methods:

here to use the promotion methods and regular promotion gimmick is different, because the collar mode so won’t allow you a long and minute statement like blogs that. So to find the suitable collar promotion means is the solution, not to bring.

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