16WiFi was 300 million yuan B round of financing a new high in the field of commercial WiFi

June 20th news, WiFi bus operator 16WiFi announced the end of the B round of financing, has access to 300 million yuan of financing, which is the highest in the field of business WiFi to obtain the highest B round of financing.


16WiFi founder Qiu Zhaomin said, 16WiFi A round of financing was completed in November 2015, by the brilliant science and technology, investment, the best investment in the joint venture, the amount of financing 138 million yuan.

at present, 16WiFi has contracted 70 cities of the 200 thousand buses, accounting for more than 50% of the target market, the North Guangzhou Shenzhen share of more than 60%, plans to open all the time within a year. 16WiFi will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Foshan and other 9 cities on the line.

it is reported that, as the first formal operation of the city, Kunming in May 13th, the first batch of the number of buses opened 16WiFi nearly 2000 units, the average daily number of vehicles on the road nearly 1700 units. Within a month after the official launch, the user data that is explosive growth. As of June 16th, the number of active users per day has reached 115.

after a brief silence, commercial WiFi has recently begun to show a "wind" scene. The industry frequently came to the commercial WiFi company financing, listing three new board, the transfer of shares of the message. Just a week ago in June 13th, the koala announced the acquisition of 200 million yuan B round of financing.

as an important bottom entrance, commercial WiFi has a low cost, high efficiency of natural advantages, is an important flow entrance. Just find the right business model, commercial WiFi will become another hot mobile internet. Qiu Zhaomin believes that WiFi is just an entry point, and constantly tap the value of the user business model innovation, is the direction of development of all commercial WiFi companies.

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