Through these 50 cases summed up the contents of the nine methods

Abstract: the legacy of sages are classes, read the words can be compensated; QianZiWen remove heavy weight growth rules, clear context.


this article we explain how to create content, this topic from long ago began to speak, the "Lecture Room" began broadcasting, then forward a few years now where is Jin Yong inn to write "Wu kongzhuan", another 86 version of "journey to the west" is sweeping the country to thunder trend, and back hundreds of years, "Zhiyanzhai on stone" and Jin Shengtan marsh series comments.

content to create a comment: fill and popular interpretation of

said the first Li "shuijingzhu" a book, the book of 40 volumes of about 300000 words, to "water" as the key link in a department of geography, detailed record of more than one thousand rivers of allusions, we start from this place to create content. The first play is to create content comment on completion, based on the previous works of the notes to the achievement of their content, it has two trends: one is the comment on completion, is a popular interpretation.

"shuijingzhu", "Zhiyanzhai on stone" and Jin Shengtan comments on Water Margin and other series is comment on or before completion, works as the key link to write their own works, or to repair the original works unfinished business on their own experience. From this perspective, the history books are such types, it has an advantage, the presence of maternal all have a basis, for content creators, further explanation and comment on the need to do is to unfold the contents of the original.


comment fill the threshold is very high, for content creators have a massive accumulation of knowledge, can not say that go beyond the previous at least brighten the heart a sigh of things, it is difficult to. So on the basis of the emergence of a new genre, which is popular interpretation, that is, in a more user-friendly way to spread the wisdom of the predecessors. In a sense, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is a popular version of "Three Kingdoms".

later we had a series of "Lecture Room", will be pushed to the peak of this genre, Yi Zhongtian, Yu Dan, Liu Xinwu and Ji Lianhai became popular, get flowers and applause in the academic, the Three Kingdoms, the Analects of Confucius, and is said a famous Qing Dynasty minister and you said on me on the popularization of traditional culture spread on a small peak. These contents can fire in addition to the knowledge of the elite and the influence of the CCTV powerful, more young people for the traditional culture of love incompetence, I want to know you, but I really do not understand you".

content to create two: it ‘s inclusive public

the ancients decades yet it is not easy, from the contemporary ancient cultural environment, it is too difficult to understand their wisdom. Of course, also cannot change the strange environment, too many factors, such as the increasingly rapid pace of life, fragmented reading fast learning and so on, to discuss these and a large text, we omitted the table. We’re just talking about content

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