The basic elements of website operation

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for everyone on the Internet society many people want to have the following a website of my own I to introduce the essential elements for building a website can hope for those just getting started small personal webmaster or interested friends a little enlightenment master at

1 needs to own a domain name domain name suffix types also have a lot of net cn such as com edu org and so on for the economic ability of friends can use the CN domain name is cheaper to site in this piece of bigger and stronger friends can use international top-level domain com different domain name is Baidu Google and other search engines the right order is edu org different com net cn but also with other factors such as relationship update hot visit speed and so on different domain name suffix is not the same as the price of domestic currently more popular is the new network WAN net domain name registration organization roughly the same price

2 needs to have a personal space for a beginning station needs a little space is enough to want to develop a webmaster can have the reliability of the line type space access speed location space stability of support services on assembly space operating system type

packages need to pay attention to dating sites the space station that the direct purchase of the purchase

3 requires a website program currently website program can be divided into two kinds one is to write your own webmaster need to have certain programming skills such as my personal website is a ready-made website program as my site ready program called CMS at present this kind of program has a lot if you want to make a the movie website can use Marx movie program if you want to be a graphic website can use dynamic web content management system if you want to do online video websites can use CC SV if you want to do a forum, you can use the discuz phpwind

and so on.The

above is the website of the basic elements in tomorrow to explain how the three aspects of reasonable collocation and if you want to contact me if I can exchange message but answer

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